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Supporting Orchards in Newburgh and the surrounding area

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Apple Tree Pruning Demonstration and Practice, Community Orchard (next to School)

1 pm Sunday March 3rd

Learn how to prune apple trees in the Newburgh Community Orchard.

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The Food for Fife project is working with local groups to establish four new initiatives, evaluate their impact and assess what potential there is to make a difference to food awareness and disadvantage in Fife

Food from Fife: bring together producers such as farmers, businesses such as bakers or fish processors, retail outlets including farmers' markets, farm shops and delis, and the hospitality trade’s restaurants, hotels and cafés, in order to promote and develop Fife's food and drink reputation.

Central Core Network: The Central Core Orchard Network was set up in 1998 in response to the greatly increased number of enquiries by both orchard owners and the general public.

Common Ground: Common Ground was founded in 1983 by Sue Clifford, Angela King and the writer Roger Deakin to seek imaginative ways to engage people with their local environment.

Forth Valley Orchards: The Forth Valley Orchards Initiative is a project which focuses on inspiring, involving and engaging communities on the revival, development and care of orchards.

Clyde Valley Orchards: The aim of this website is to provide a resource of information on the orchards of the Clyde Valley.