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Apple Day 27/10

We will be holding our first Apple Day on Saturday October 27th from 12.00 to 5pm in the Parish Church Hall and grounds (Cupar Road). This will be to celebrate Newburgh's centuries-old heritage of apple growing, and there will be apple-based produce and home baking for sale along with recipes, participative Apple Art, blind fruit tasting, a fruit display and a fruit quiz, plus tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits. Admission will be free.There will also be a demonstration of apple pressing to make apple juice, using only the apples we have in stock. (Please do not bring apples for juicing: another date may be arranged for that)"

Spiced Apple Jelly

Equipment (Important: get all this lined up before you begin)
- 1 jelly pan or very large saucepan, - 1 medium saucepan
- 1 small saucepan, pref. non-stick, - Potato masher
- Metal seive, - Jam funnel, - Ladle and large wooden spoon
- 6 clean jam jars with metal lids, sterilised with boiling water

- 1 kg undersized cooking apples, quartered with skins on and cores still in.
- About 850g sugar
- 1 level tablespoon ground cinnamon
- Half a handful of cloves
- 250 ml (half a pint) of water

Put everything into the jelly pan and bring to the boil, stirring frequently. When the apples begin to soften, mash them.
Boil gently until the bubbling makes a sticky sound, then ladle the mixture into the seive held over the medium saucepan, When the seive is half full, encourage the mixture to go through with the wooden spoon. Put the remaining pulp into the small saucepan.
Continue until all the mixture has been seived, keeping the medium saucepan just below boiling. Then return the pulp to the jelly pan, add another 500 ml water, boil and mix and repeat the seiving into the medium saucepan. Discard the pulp. Stir the seived liquid and ladle it through the jam funnel into the sterilised jars. Put the lids on tightly while the jelly is still hot. Allow several hours to cool, then enjoy on bread, toast or ice cream!